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All Staff hold Paediatric first aid, food hygiene and safeguarding.

Samantha Faulkner Director
Joanne Rastall Business Manager
Katie Pollione Manager (Level 3)
Debbie Hubbard Deputy Manager (Level 3)
Helen Gardner Bank Staff (Level 4)
Fay Nichols Senior Nursery Officer (QTS)
Emma Roberts Senior Nursery Officer (Level 6)
Helen Flint Senior Nursery Officer (Level 6)
Amy Douglas Senior Nursery Officer (Level 3)
Kelly Bambro Senior Nursery Officer (Level 3)
Lisa Ellis Senior Nursery Officer (Level 3, SENCO)
Wioleta Krysiak Nursery Officer (Level 3)
Carly Peters Nursery Officer (Level 3)
Leanne Sharpe Nursery Officer (Level 3)
Tiffany Alderton Nursery Officer (Level 3)
Susannah Barlow Nursery Officer (Level 3)
Adele Pedley Senior Nursrry Officer (Level 6)
Faye Gardner Senior Nursery Officer (Level 3)
Timone Heath Nursery Assistant (Level 2)
Georgina Finlay Nursery Assistant (Level 2)
Sally Cokien Nursery Assistant (Level 2)
Sue Wyles Nursery Assistant (Level 2)
Bryony Rushton Nursery Assistant (Level 2)
Antonia Lawrence Trainee Nursery Officer
Faye Malone Trainee Nursery Officer
Emma Rigby Trainee Nursery Assistant
Natalie Beaumont Trainee Nursery Assistant
Katie Henfrey Trainee Nursery Assistant
Rebecca Watts Unqualified Nursery Assistant (working towards Level 3)
Katie Jones Trainee Nursery Assistant
Georgina Cramphorn Trainee Nursery Assistant
Aimee Ashmore Nursery Assistant (Level 2)
Caroline Dilamore Nursery Assistant (Level 2)
Ann-Marie Keightley Trainee Nursery Assistant
Emily Ellis Trainee Nursery Assistant
Tamsin Wheeler Nursery Assistant (Level 2)
Emma Rigby Nursery Assistant (Level 2)
Jo Holland Nursery Assistant (Level 2)
Dorota Janeczek Cook
Karen Hutchinson Cleaner

The atmosphere when entering the setting is warm and friendly.

Katie Baker

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