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Badgers Summer 2018 Newsletter [PDF]

Barn Owls Summer 2018 Newsletter [PDF]

Butterflies Summer 2018 Newsletter [PDF]

Foxcubs Summer 2018 Newsletter [PDF]

Snowy Owls Summer 2018 Newsletter [PDF]

Foxcubs Winter 2017 Newsletter [PDF]

Butterflies Winter 2017 Newsletter [PDF]

Badgers Winter 2017 Newsletter [PDF]

Autumn 2017 Newsletter [PDF]

Owls Autumn 2017 Newsletter [PDF]

Settings Autumn Term 2017 Newsletter [PDF]

Foxcubs Autumn 2017 [PDF]

Owls Autumn 2017 [PDF]

Badgers Autumn 2017 [PDF]

Butterflies Autumn 2017 [PDF]

Out of School Autumn 2017 [PDF]

Foxcubs May 2017 [PDF]

Owls May 2017 [PDF]

Badgers May 2017 [PDF]

Butterflies May 2017 [PDF]

Out of School May 2017 [PDF]

Foxcubs February 2017 [PDF]

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Badgers February 2017 [PDF]

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Out of School February 2017 [PDF]

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Summer Menus 2018 [PDF]

Snack Menu December 2017 [PDF]

Woodlands Winter Menu 2017 [PDF]

Summer 2016 [PDF]

Winter 2016 [PDF]

Summer 2017 [PDF]

Fees schedule:

Fees - August 2017 [PDF]

Fees - April 2017 [PDF]


Partnership with Parents [PDF]

Characteristics of Effective Teaching [PDF]

Schemas [PDF]

What is a Schema? [PDF]

How we plan - Sept 2016 [PDF]

Long term plan [PDF]

Free Resources:

School Readiness Poster [PDF]

Parent's Information

eyLog for Parents [PDF]

OFSTED Report - 2014 [WORD]

Term dates - 2017-2018 [PDF]

Term dates - 2016-2017 [PDF]

Owls Welcome Pack [PDF]

4Children - parent's guide [PDF]

EYFS - parent's guide [PDF]

EYPP for parents [PDF]

Reading & Writing guide [PDF]

Learning, playing, interacting [PDF]

Prospectus 2013 [PDF]

Policies & Procedures [PDF]

Health & Safety [PDF]

Apprenticeship Pack [PDF]

Extra Curricular Activities

Extra Curricular Activities Autumn 2017 [PDF]

Extra Curricular Activities 2017 [PDF]

Summer 2017 [PDF]


Early years self-evaluation form [PDF]

Safeguarding & Welfare Requirements [PDF]

Safeguarding in Early Years [PDF]

Childcare Register Audit [PDF]


The most amazing place for children to learn and play. The whole staff team are amazing and the atmosphere is fantastic.

Amanda Gardner

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