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Flexible Childcare

We are a popular childcare provider with a reputation for providing flexible, quality, caring nursery education.

With the increase in part time jobs and shift work, there is often no such thing as a typical 9-5 job these days. However, with many day nurseries, it is often typical for nursery day care to offer only morning or afternoon sessions or set days.

At woodlands and Park lane Nursery we try our best to work which each family to provide the childcare that they need by offering one or a combination of the below:

We offer an early start from 7am and a late pick-up till 6.30pm. These can booked on a ad-hoc basis so you only pay when you need the earlier or late finish, maybe to fit around an important meeting or when working away from your normal office.

We offer morning and afternoon sessions, a short day as well as the conventional full day of childcare. However, any session can be adapted by adding additional hours at the beginning or end of a session, within reason and ensuring ratios allow.

Once you are booking in for one session, you can book extra sessions or days on a flexible basis. We just ask for a week’s notice, although we have been known to accommodate a child with 15 minutes notice to support a family crisis. We do not guarantee that we will be able to always fit your child in but we always do our best.

We offer the choose of booking in all year (51 weeks of the year) or term-time only. This helps with staff who work in education and saves on fees not required during the school holidays.

If your child attends during term-time but you would like some sessions during the holidays you can reduce these on a regular basis or book them in ad-hoc just for the days required.

We support the universal 15 hours funding or the 30-hours funding to be taken over 38 weeks or 51 weeks. Parents can choose the number of hours required and can do different amounts during term-time to those used in the holidays. For example, some parents use 20 hours a week for 38 weeks of the year but then only 10 a week during the holidays.

We offer parents the option to bank any unused funded hours, to be used for additional sessions across the year.

“With a lot of day care nurseries you have to pay for a whole day session or if it’s a morning session it’s only up until one o’clock. If you don’t finish until half past one it’s difficult, and you would end up paying for childcare for the whole day. At Woodlands, it’s flexible. “I would definitely recommend it, not just for the flexibility, that is a good reason, but that’s not the main reason why she’s here either. It’s for the friendliness of the staff and what they do here as well. And what she’s learnt – she’s learnt so much here. I’d definitely recommend it.”

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